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The policy of the Tipton County Public Library is to serve all residents and property taxpayers of Tipton County on an equal basis. This service is provided as mandated by law regardless of age, sex, religion or ethnic background. Each patron will be issued a free library card which must be presented to borrow materials. Any use or abuse of the card is the responsibility of the person to whom the card is issued.

The Board of the Tipton County Public Library recognizes that patron registration and circulation records identifying the names of library users are confidential. Such records will not be made available to any agency of federal, state, or local government except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power. The issuance and enforcement of any such process, order or subpoena must be through a proper showing of good cause made in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Patrons eighteen (18) and older will be issued a card which entitles them to borrow any materials circulated by the library.

Patrons seventeen (17) or younger will be issued a juvenile card. This card will entitle the patron to all rights and borrowing privileges of the library except the borrowing of AV and computer equipment and video cassettes. Juvenile patrons may borrow video cassettes if a parent or guardian signs a form approving the privilege. The parent or guardian thus assumes responsibility for the items checked out by the juvenile. Although the Library staff assists juvenile patrons in selecting appropriate materials, we do not screen any patron's library material. If parents/guardians wish to limit what their children borrow this selection must be by the parent/guardian.

Temporary residents shall be issued a temporary card which will expire after one (1) year. It is renewable and entitles the patron to all the rights and privileges of the Library. Organizations/businesses may register for a Library card. Such registration should be limited to organizational or business use. One person must be designated as a contact person for the organization/business. The number of persons authorized to use such registration shall be at the discretion of the organization/business. The organization/business is responsible for any fines or lost or damaged materials checked out on the card. Non-residents of Tipton County may purchase a library card for $55.00 This will entitle an entire family to all the rights and privileges of the Library for one (1) year. Any resident of Indiana may use the Tipton County Public Library if they have a Public Library Access Card (PLAC). The fee for this card is determined annually by the State Library, it is available from any public library, and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Persons living in an area not yet served by any public library may also purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC). The fee for this PLAC card is set by the Library Board ans covers both the PLAC fee and a local fee. This card is valid for one year from date of purchase. Teachers and teachers aides employed by the Tipton Community School Corporation or Northern Community School Corporation who do not live in Tipton County may apply for a Tipton County Public Library card for the school year. Those who are employed to teach summer school may have their cards extended to cover the summer sessions. The cards will expire at the end of the school year or the end of summer school. Cards may be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

All registrations will be non-expiring unless otherwise indicated. Patron information will be checked periodically to determine if changes have occurred.

The circulation of material is one of the main functions of the library. It is the policy of the Tipton County Public Library to make all materials as accessible to as many persons as possible. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to set some limitations on patron borrowing. The following periods will be set for the circulation period of various items in the Library:

  • Hot Picks Seven (7) Days (with no renewals)
  • Books Fourteen (14) Days
  • Magazines Fourteen (14) Days
  • Music CDs Fourteen (14) Days
  • Pamphlets Fourteen (14) Days
  • AV Equipment Forty-eight (48) Hours
  • Computer Equipment Forty-eight (48) Hours
  • Video Recordings Seven (7) Days (with no renewals)
  • DVD recordings Seven (7) Days (with no renewals)
  • CD Roms/Software Seven (7) Days (with no renewals)
  • Vacation Loans Twenty eight (28) Days
  • Audio Books Fourteen (14) Days

Reference and Tipton materials, newspapers, microforms, and certain computer software are not available for circulation.

To keep abreast with the new technology available and to ensure the maximum opportunities to provide information to the public, the Library will circulate CD ROM and floppy disc software programs to the public. This circulation collection will include unique titles as well as duplicate or superseded editions of programs that are for in-house use only. Older editions will be included only when their information is not noticeably dated or incorrect. Necessary documentation and/or instruction manuals will be copied and circulated as well. The loan period for these items will be 7 days. There will be no renewals or reserves on these items, and they may not be returned in the drop box. Fines will accrue in the amount of 10 cents per day.

Most material may be reserved by patrons for their use. The material will be held for 48 hours after notification by phone and 1 week after mailing a notification. No reserves will be taken for periodicals, pamphlets, or CD Rom/Software. Videos may be reserved only by staff at non-profit educational institutions for use in teaching activities. Equipment may be reserved in advance. Patrons may place up to three advance reserves on one piece of equipment in a three month period. Consecutive reserves are not allowed.

All fourteen (14) day circulation items may be renewed, except that reserved items may not be renewed unless the material exceeds 500 pages. All equipment may be renewed once if no reserves have been placed for the same period of time. Video tapes, DVDs, and CD Rom/Software may not be renewed except by staff at non-profit educational institutions for use in teaching activities. Renewals will be allowed for overdue material. However, any fines owed will be assessed to the patron's record at the time of renewal.

Library material is considered overdue when it is held beyond its due date. Patrons are responsible for knowing when their material is due back at the Library. As a courtesy, the library will notify patrons by mail when they have material which is overdue. These notices are mailed approximately 14 days after the due date. Payment of overdue fines and fees is the responsibility of the owner of the card on which the overdue items were borrowed. Most overdue materials will carry a fine of $.10 for every day overdue, excluding holidays and days the Library is closed. Other overdue fines shall be:

Video Recordings and DVDs: $2.00 per day per item
AV Equipment: $1.00 per day per item
Overdue ILL material: $0.25 per day per item
Computer Equipment: $5.00 per day per item.

Overdue fines will accumulate until the material is returned. Overdue fines will not exceed the replacement value of the overdue item. The accumulation of overdue fines will be stopped if the patron notifies the Library that there is a problem and an attempt is being made to find and return the item. When charges against a patron's card total $10.00 or more, borrowing privileges will be suspended until patron begins payment. Payments of 10% of the total fine will be required at each check out session in order to be able to check out materials. It is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians to pay for fines and fees on their children's cards. If family members have fines over $10.00 on their card, check out will be suspended for both the child and parent/guardian until such time as fines are paid or payment of 10% of the total fine is paid on each card at each check out session. Other family members presenting their own card (clear of fines or under $10.00) may continue checking out materials. Parents/guardians and children who have fines may not use other family members cards until such time as the fines and fees have been resolved or payment of 10% per card has begun at each check out session. When a patron has materials which are long overdue (three months), borrowing privileges will be suspended until such time as the material is returned or replacement cost of the item is paid in full. Failure to return materials or pay replacement cost may result in legal action as authorized by Indiana Code 35-43-3.5.

It is the policy of the Tipton County Public Library to assess charges for loss of or damage to materials. The card holder is responsible for caring for all materials borrowed on his card, and is responsible for replacement and repair cost, except in the case of children, whose parents or legal guardian shall be responsible. When materials are not returned, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the total replacement cost of the item is paid in full. Payments on fines may be made by paying 10% of the total fine at each check out session. All charges and replacements shall be satisfied in U.S. currency. No replacement copies or credits at bookstores will be accepted in place of cash. Professional selection staff shall determine the extent of repair or the need to replace damaged materials.

Charges for lost or irreparably damaged material shall include all of the following: Current replacement cost of material Processing fee of $3.00 per item. Any overdue fines owed on the material.

Charges for damaged materials: Current cost of rebinding a book. Any overdue fine owed on the material.

It is the policy of Tipton County Public Library to provide the community with the best possible facility and services. Because of this the Library does not impose charges for its services and material except for the recovery of disposable material costs or where a very specialized service to a particular patron is involved.

Such costs include:
Photocopies: $.10 per page.
Computer print-outs: $.10 per page.
Reader/Printer copies: First 10 pages free; $.10 per page thereafter
Reference material copies: First 10 pages free; $.10 per page thereafter
Fax Machine; Send $.50 per page in state and $1.00 per page out of state Send to local or toll free numbers- no charge Receive $.10 per page Out of country fees will be assessed at time of transmittal

Other charges and deposits

Replacement for a lost library card: $1.00 Meeting room use by a for-profit organization: $50.00 per meeting Meeting room use for private social function: $25.00 per meeting Meeting room use by a not-for-profit organization: Deposit only Use of kitchen facility $5.00 per meeting

Meeting room: $50.00 Computer Equipment: $50.00 Video Equipment: $50.00 Sound Equipment $50.00 All other equipment: $10.00 (There is no deposit of Polaroid cameras)

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