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The Library's meeting room is available for use by the public on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting its use. Any use of the room is subject to the accompanying rules and regulations.

The meeting room is available to groups or individuals except for:

1. Political campaign events.
2. Religious services and / or instruction

The Head of the Circulation Department and the Library Director will make any final decisions as to questions of eligibility. Written information from the applicant is necessary before confirmation will be decided. The Library Board is the final arbiter of any unresolved application. Permission to use the meeting room facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the policy, product, or beliefs of the individual or group.

Reservations may be made by telephone. However, at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting, a meeting room reservation must be completed by an official representative of the group and delivered to the Circulation Department. Failure to complete the meeting room reservation form may result in unavailability of equipment or lack of temperature control. Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis: however, Library programs will always take precedence over all other scheduling. Reservations may be canceled in the event of an unexpected, pressing Library need.

The following equipment is available for use by groups as part of the meeting room facilities. Any equipment need should be indicated on the reservation form and will be furnished unless subject to prior reservation.

1. Blackboard
2. Lectern
3. Microphones
4. 16 mm film projector
5. Slide or sound / slide projector
6. Filmstrip projector
7. Video player
8. Cassette tape player
9. Record player
10. CD player
11. Overhead projector
12. Opaque projector

A $50.00 damage deposit is required for any use of the meeting room. This should be paid when a representative of the group picks up the key. The deposit will be refunded when the key is returned, provided the room has been left in a satisfactory condition.

A $50.00 fee is charged when the meeting room is used by a profit-making organization. This must be paid when a representative of the group picks up the key. The $50.00 fee applies each day the room is used.

A $50.00 fee is charged when the meeting room is used for a private social event. This must be paid when the key to the room is picked up. This fee applies for each event scheduled.

A $10.00 fee is charged to any group that uses the kitchen facilities. This fee also allows the use of the coffee maker, punch bowl, serving trays or pitchers.

No group will be allowed in the meeting room or kitchen until they have:
1. Paid damage deposit
2. Paid any applicable fees.

The meeting room is available only during the following hours:
7:00 A.m. through 11:00 P.m., Monday through Saturday

The meeting room is not available on Sundays or days the library is closed for holidays or emergencies. Exceptions will be made when the Library Board approves a written request from a patron seeking permission to use the meeting room on Sundays or holidays. The key may be picked up the day of the meeting. If the meeting begins before 9:00 A.m., the key may be picked up the day before.

Responsible adults must be in attendance whenever minors are present. A standard setup of 4 tables and 25 chairs will be provided for use in the meeting room. If more are needed, the storage room will be unlocked and users may set up according to their needs. When the function is over, meeting room users are to return the room it's standard setup of 4 tables and 25 chairs.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed in the meeting room or anywhere on library premises. Refreshments may be served. Packaged meals such as box lunches or catered meals will be permitted. No meals may be cooked in the library. It is requested that red or grape based drinks not be served in the meeting room. Stains due to spills of these drinks are very difficult to remove from the carpet. All or part of the damage deposit may be used for cleaning of the carpets when stains are unable to be removed by in house cleaning.

Facilities must be left in the same conditions in which they are found. Trash should be disposed of in the wastebaskets provided and the kitchen counters and equipment should be left clean.

The group using the meeting room takes full responsibility for the room or equipment damages incurred during their use of the room.

All damages will be charged against the damage deposit. Damages beyond the amount of the deposit will be billed to the group.

Failure to pay additional damages assessed or excessive or recurring abuse of the room will be cause for denial of access to the meeting room.

The Library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to the sponsoring group or attendees of any program that occurs during the use of the meeting room.

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