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Tipton County Public Library Internet Guidelines

Library computers are located in public areas that must be shared by library users of all ages, backgrounds, values, and sensibilities. We strive to balance the rights of users to access different information resources with the rights of users to work in a public environment free from offensive sounds and visuals. Certain compromises between the needs of individual users for privacy, and the needs of all our users to safely access a broad range of electronic information services must be met. Complete privacy is not a realistic expectation. We ask all our library users to remain sensitive to the fact that they are working in a public environment shared by others. If what you view or listen to causes discomfort to others, staff may intervene. If you are concerned about your activity being reviewed, we suggest you do not use library computers for this purpose.

1) By logging on to TCPL computers, the user is agreeing to abide by the Tipton County Public Library's Internet Policy and Guidelines.

2) Patrons making use of the Library's "hotspots" for wireless Internet access must provide their own computer, wireless network cards, and wireless devices. Technical assistance from the Library staff is not available. Users of the wireless network are subject to the terms of the Library's Internet Policy and Guidelines. The Library cannot guarantee privacy of use or security of data and connections. The Library is not responsible for any changes made to the patron's computer settings. It is not possible to print directly from a wireless computer. The patron should save data to an external storage device (i.e. floppy disk, memory stick), log onto a public PC, and send the print job to the printer.

3) Parents are responsbile for their children's use of the Internet in the Library. Children under 8-years old must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible patron.

4) Computer usage is limited to 1-hour intervals. If there are terminals available and no one is waiting in line for a computer, the patron has the option to extend the time for 30 minutes. If the patron still has not completed the work he/she may extend the time for one more 30-minute extension. Patrons may log in to the computers a total of 3 sessions in one day. There is a 15-minute "time-out" period in between log-ins. The patron may reserve a terminal for the time of his/her choosing at the reservation station for 1-hour sessions.

5) No more than two people at a time are permitted on a computer.

6) Children will be given preference for the terminals in the Children's department and adults given preference in the Adult department. (In the Children's department, if an adult and a child are waiting to use the computer, the child will go first. Adults may use, but not reserve time on the terminal in the children's department. Children may use, but not reserve time on the adult terminal.

7) You must honor copyright restrictions when using the Internet. At the present time, anything published on the Internet is considered copyrighted. Documents or files may be downloaded or copied for personal or educational use unless the document or file has a specific copyright statement that would prevent the copying or downloading. It may also state the conditions under which it may be copied or downloaded. You must honor copyright restrictions when using the Internet.

8) Computer printouts are $.10 per page with the exception of color printouts which are $.25 per page. Page lengths are difficult to determine so you may end up with more pages than you think. Please use Print Preview to determine number of pages.

9) All disks and storage media must be virus scanned at the Information or Computer desk before use in the terminal. This is to minimize the potential for the introduction of a virus into the computer. This will not prevent viruses from being downloaded off the Internet. Information may be downloaded to personal media.

10) Accessing sites that contain pornography, obscenity, and/or other illicit material is not permitted. Warning: others, including children, may see what you are doing on the Internet.

11) The Library is not responsible for the accuracy of quality of the information obtained through the Internet. Remember that the Library has no control over the information in the Internet.

12) All information/data on all computer workstations is the property of the Tipton County Public Library. This includes information collected on patron Internet browsing history. TCPL staff reserves the right to investigate all workstations suspected of inappropriate activity or of TCPL policy violations.

13) The following disciplinary actions should be considered guidelines. The Library Director, Assistant Director, Technology Specialist, or Information or HAVIN desk personnel have the discretion to terminate a patron's Interent use.

Acceptable Use
Disciplinary Action
1st Offense
  • Internet suspension for twenty-four (24) hours
  • Note with date and time of offense to be placed in a file
2nd Offense
  • Internet suspension for three (3) months
  • Note with date and time of offense to be placed in a file
3rd Offense
  • Internet suspension for one (1) year
  • Note with date and time of offense to be placed in a file

14) You may not always be able to go to the places on the Internet you want to visit. There are many reasons; among them:

a) Internet Filters (mandated by the federal government) may not allow access to a site. Patrons over the age of 17 may request disabling of filter.
b) There are too many Internet visitors and the host computer has closed or limited access from the "outside world."
c) The database or resource is licensed to a particular institution, in which case you would need to be affiliated with the institution in order to obtain access.
d) The host computer has changed its address or has closed down.
e) The Library's Internet connections may periodically and temporarily be inoperable due to technical difficulties.

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